Delicious pizza along with prompt delivery! Will definitely order online again!
This place shows promise and i really hope they stick around and improve their product. Their hand tossed dough had near perfect consistency and didn't taste rubbery like some other local pizza places, butt the sauce was mostly bland and tasted unseasoned like the standard 3 cans paste 2 cans sauce mix that most places start with before seasoning, luckily the chicken spinach and bacon on my pizza tasted like fresh quality ingredients. the nuggs were the stand out product here, tasty dough and the perfect amount of butter and flavor, its just a shame that the blue cheese i ordered to go along with it tasted off, like it had turned or they added vinegar to it, so that got trashed after one dip. Wrapping my order up with desert i gave their cinn pie a shot, and was disappointed, the cinnamon sugar mix tasted like there was zero sugar in it, and the icing that came with it was watery and almost empty so i didn't even try it after the failure that was the blue cheese. this was going to be a 2 star, but i was impressed so much with the pizza crust/dough that i gave it an extra.
Any questions please call us.